The spectrum – Long or short?

From 10 mm to 5.600 mm – The full range

If the term “deep-hole drilling” only makes you think of long workpieces and deep drilled holes, you haven’t heard all about our technology. Of all drilling techniques there is hardly another that is so varied and offers a solution to nearly every drilling task. Lengths over 200 times the diameter can be achieved.

Even from a drilling depth of 10 mm, our technology has by far the better cards hen it comes to the highest requirements regarding concentricity, cylindricity and precision.

We continually achieve levels of quality far more striking than those attained by conventional drilling methods. The tools have support strips that guarantee optimal guidance and surface formation. This means that even with cutting wear, drill quality – especially at the center – is hardly affected at all.

It should also be noted that, even with seemingly simple drilling jobs, deep-drilling technology gives you high quality and economic efficiency, and is the cheapest and most effective method there is.