Service – The challenge

Friendliness to the custome – The basis of everything

Flexibility in all respects is one of the most important principles of our company, which carries out deep-hole drilling on a job shop basis. We maintain this flexibility via the following:

  • an extensive tool store
  • a large amount of tool adapters for all kinds of different geometries and diameters
  • the commitment of our employees (a typical feature of rural regions of Swabia)

We have consciously kept our company a manageable size and have organized it in such a way that you will always meet a competent contact partner. A partner who is at home with technology, understands production sequences and is therefore totally familiar with your deadlines. The guiding principle of the founder of our firm was and remains: “If you give someone a deadline, you have to keep it.” So, enough of words – it’s time for action.

We’ll be happy to have an initial discussion with you anytime, and look forward to your requirements.