More abou us – Who are B+F?

B+F – What you should know about us

At B+F you’ll find a powerful team of true specialists, equipment reflecting the very latest state of the art, a huge range of materials we are very familiar with, high flexibility – and the ambition to master deep-hole drilling challenges on a daily basis.

Founded in 1977, we are still concentrating exclusively today on this specialist discipline of metal cutting technology – and for very good reasons. Specialization means a concentration on a field of activity and concentration means absolute attentiveness. It is this philosophy alone that enables us to react precisely, quickly and responsibly to any task, material or technical requirement our customers provide use with – however tough or tricky it happens to be.

It is this very security born of specialization that necessitates responsibility toward the customer. Anyone who deals with a customer’s semifinished or near-finished workpieces requires absolute concentration every step of the way in order to justify the customer’s trust. Our success shows that the path we have chosen is the right one. We would be very glad if you joined us on it as one of our customers.

Here in the Internet or also in a personal consultation, we’d like to show you what we can do for you. Naturally with the intention of facilitating your decision in favor of B+F!